Brave Systems is an IT and Services provider mainly focused on helping both finance and insurance industries to readily innovate and shift towards blockchain backed data management. We are also dedicated to provide unparalleled Security solutions for businesses in Ghana and beyond West Africa. Cyber Security solutions from award wining brands that our customers can integrate with their existing platforms include Cimcor Inc, Fortinet, Fluree, Escan, AT&T Cybersecurity, Seon, Elcomsoft, etc.


As a company fully focused on cyber security and blockchain backed data management, products or services we provide include but not limited to IDS, IPS, UTM, Firewalls, Blockchain Databases, EDR, Antivirus, SIEM, FIM or SIV.

What we do:
Research into cyber solutions for strategic gap analysis to help organizations cover the BoG Framework, from global threat intelligence reports to targeted market analysis and cyber trends.
We help organizations build a proactive cyber defense by carefully analyzing select security solutions.
We believe it is our responsibility to keep you informed and your IT infrastructure secured.


Vision: To become the go-to IT firm in cyber security and data management platform deployment in Ghana.

Core Values

We operate with the TIAA.



Authenticity and


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